BWCSP operates an independent Nonprofit credentialing body with no formal affiliation with any other organization.

The Board establishes certification and re-certification requirements for individuals and organizations Worldwide.

BWSCP adheres to requirements published in ISO/IEC Standard 17024:12, Conformity Assessment—General Requirements for Bodies Operating Certification of Persons.

We inspire the professionalism in occupational safety and health practices through World accredited certifications.

Our Certification Value

The Board works for the purpose of issuing certifications to qualified candidates.

The value of professional certification is essential. If a company hires a risk manager, quality manager or safety manager, the qualifications of the candidate are important to them.

Compliance to Standard

BCOSP accredited certifications are evidence of strict compliance with Standards and high quality.

Certification is proof of compliance to a particular standard. It proves that the standard’s requirements and principles have been fulfilled and validated with adequate consistency, professionalism and impartiality.